🛠️Getting set up

Step1: Creating your account

Sign up online for a Free 60 day trial. This is the perfect way to start your journey and get to know the platform and whether or not it's right for your business.

Step 2: Adding your team

Once you have verified your email, you can start adding your team. These are the colleagues or collaborators that will help configure and manage your membership portal. You can add up to 3 colleagues on sign up and then up to 10 when you're on a paid plan.

Step 3: Adding Your Members

During the sign up process you can add a couple of members to get started. More can be added manually once the sign up process is completed and you're logged into your account dashboard. Simply click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen, navigate to settings and then to 'manage members'

Step 4: Configuring your portal

You will want to configure your portal to reflect the way you want operate. For example, you can control whether or not members see a listing of members, or whether or not you have company members. You can switch certain features or or off. All these configurable options are located in settings. Click on your profile photo in the top right and go to settings, then account settingsand configure and of the following display and notification options:

  • Menu display options (controls which features are available to Members)

  • Notification options (controls when Members are notified or new events, messages, etc)

  • From this screen you have a new Admin menu where you can manage members, events, forums, announcements, plans and subscriptions).

Step 5: Setting up Membership Plans

With Memba CRM you can create as many different types of membership plans as you want. However, Memba CRM currently doesn't support online payments for members, but you can still set up the plans and manage expiry notifications and reports. For more information go to our page on Plans and Subscriptions.

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