News is at the heart of most membership organisations. Memba CRM gives you the power to easily publish and promote news to your members,

A powerful way to keep members in the loop

Memba CRM provide a useful tool to help you broadcast news to your members. In its simplest form, you can write a news article and publish it with one click. The news will appear on your members dashboard whenever they login.

Additionally... you have the option to write simple announcements. These appear on the dashboard home screen and are perfect for short messages.

News articles can contain text and images and appear on the member dashboard home page as well as in a separate news section, accessible from the side menu. News can be organised into categories, such as General, Social, Financial, Politics etc. When configuring your CRM you can choose which categories are appropriate for your organisation. Access the settings area of the portal to configure your options.

The screenshot on the left shows a news listing, with the news article open on the right. News can be written for specific smart groups and shared only with members of the smart group.

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