🧑Batch uploading members

Batch uploading members is an efficient way to add multiple members into the system at once.

Heads up: If you already have a large number of members in another system or spreadsheet, you can upload them directly into Memba CRM using our downloadable template.

Step 1: Download our CSV template

The template can be downloaded from the admin area of Memba. Navigate to the template as follows:

  • Click on your profile image > Settings > Account Settings

  • In the left admin menu click manage users

  • Now click the green button Upload Members

  • In the pop up that appears click on the link to Download CSV Template

Step 2: Export your current member data into our template

Your data will need to map precisely to our template. Make sure you use the same column headers as the template or the upload will fail. If you have other fields not supported by our template, you will need to add these manually to each user record, using the available fields.

Step 3: Import the members

To import your members, follow Step 1 above, and complete all the fields in the pop up, ensuring you click on the button to select your completed CSV file.

For more help and information please contact our onboarding team.

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