Member Forums

The Memba forum allows you to create themed discussion boards for your members. You can create as many forum topics as you like and optionally choose to make these available to your members.

A powerful way to increase levels of engagement in your member portal.

When you start using Memba CRM you will want your members to be actively engaged in your new platform. Forums give you the perfect for members to interact with you and with other members.

Think creatively! How could you use this feature to enhance member engagement?

  • How about a forum to help onboard new members?

  • Or a forum to deal with FAQs?

  • What about a closed forum that can be used by your Admins or Board?

Members can be encouraged to help police the forum by 'flagging' any inappropriate content. Flagged content is automatically reported to your Admins and is automatically unpublished pending admin review.

The two screenshots above show the Forum discussion detail (member view) on the left and the Forum management view (admin -only) on the right.

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