Membership Plans

We currently only supports online payments for your account owner subscriptions, However, with our next release we will provide the option for you to process member subscriptions.

Memba CRM has a built-in Plan creator module that lets you:

  1. Create any number of membership plans

  2. You can configure these plans to meet the needs of your organisation

  3. You can report on subscriptions, renewals and expiry and export these in report form to analyse alongside your accounting software

When you start your free trial you are automatically added to our own 60 Day Free Plan and when you add your first members, they too will be added to a free plan, which will expire when your free plan expires, unless you choose to upgrade.

In order to configure your own plans, you need to login to Memba and follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile image and then Settings > Account Settings

  • In the left admin menu choose Plans

  • Now click the green button Add Plan. (you will need to do this before you start subscribing your members)

  • Complete the Plan set up to provide a plan name, payment frequency, cost and select whether or not a company pays for the subscription (leave de-selected in the member pays independently).

  • Once the Plan has been saved, you can add others, or start subscribing members to a plan.

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