Smart Groups

Smart Groups are segments of your member database that share the same interests. You may refer to them as special interest groups, or by some other collective name, within your own organisation

A powerful way to bring together members from different member companies that share a similar interest. It's a great way to promote specialist events and other member marketing

Smart Groups are created by you. You can have as many smart groups as you like and your members can browse a list of smart groups and add or remove themselves from the group. That way they will receive notifications and event invites sent out by you to the members of the groups.

Think creatively! How could you use this feature to enhance member engagement?

  • Smart Groups are similar in purpose to Facebook Groups or WhatsApp Groups

  • Members choose to add themselves

  • Any admin can create, edit or remove a smart group

  • You can promote events to specific smart groups

  • You can upload documents only accessible to the members of the group

  • You can send email marketing to members of specific smart groups

  • You can choose to make smart groups available to your admins - perfect for a closed group, such as a Committee or Board

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