The Memba CRM allows Members to send direct messages to other Members or Admins and allows Admins to send batched messages to all Members or Members of a specific Smart Group or Company

A simple and secure way to communicate with members without the information leaving the security of the Memba CRM. Members do not need to share their email address and you can optionally decide whether to enable this feature for Members from the settings panel.

The built in messaging system enable you to keep all member communication in one place. When you message a member, the message appears in their Memba inbox. They receive a notification of new messages or message replies whenever they login.

Member notes: as an additional feature, you can log private notes against any member record. These notes can only be seen by you or other Admin users, they cannot be seen by members.

The screenshots above show the Memba message inbox and the message details. Unread messages are listed in bold and also appear in the member's notifications at the top right of their screen.

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