Downloadable reports make it easy for you to keep track of your members and their activity. Custom reports can be requested and more reports will be added with each new version we release

A powerful way to keep track of member activity

Reports are the cornerstone of any CRM platform. The ability to instantly get an overview of your members and their activity is essential for effective membership management. Below we have listed the currently available report options, but if you would like to request a custom report, please email our support team or use the report request form in the Settings area of your CRM

Heads Up! Reports in Memba CRM take two forms - dynamic charts accessible from your dashboard or downloadable CSV files from the Reports section of your CRM.

Custom reports can be ordered and purchased using the custom report request form or submitted as a 'feature request' for s future unscheduled release.

  • User by Role (list of all users, grouped by role)

  • Tasks (list of tasks, grouped by status)

  • Upcoming Events (list of upcoming event and confirmed attendees)

  • Next Event Attendees (List of members who have registered for the next event. Data includes dietary preferences and notes).

  • All Event Attendees (list of attendees to upcoming events)

  • Forum Topics (list of forum replies grouped by topic)

  • News (list of news articles by category)

  • Document report (list of documents sorted by permissions)

  • Members Expiring 30 (complete list of all members expiring within next 30 days)

  • Members Expiring 60 (List of members whose subscription expires within 60 days)

  • All subscribers (list of all membership subscriptions)

  • Events (This report shows a list of events and users, grouped by status category)

  • Forum Flags (List of members flagged for inappropriate content in Forum)

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