Core Features

Key Features overview: Before we dive into too much details, let's walk you through some of the main features and benefits of the Memba CRM application.


Create and promote events to your members. Our built-in event module allows you to create any event type, including online-only events. Members are automatically notified when a new event is published and additionally you can send branded emails to your intended audience with just a few additional clicks.

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Website Integration

Memba CRM can be connected easily to any existing website. Simply add a button or link in your existing site and point it to the Memba CRM login page. You, your Admins and your Members can then login to your own secure portal. For more information please contact our technical support team.

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Memba CRM comes with 13 pre-built reports that you can view online or download as a .csv file.

  • User by Role (list of all users, grouped by role)

  • Tasks (list of tasks, grouped by status)

  • Upcoming Events (list of upcoming event and confirmed attendees)

  • Next Event Attendees (List of members who have registered for the next event. Data includes dietary preferences and notes).

  • All Event Attendees (list of attendees to upcoming events)

  • Forum Topics (list of forum replies grouped by topic)

  • News (list of news articles by category)

  • Document report (list of documents sorted by permissions)

  • Members Expiring 30 (complete list of all members expiring within next 30 days)

  • Members Expiring 60 (List of members whose subscription expires within 60 days)

  • All subscribers (list of all membership subscriptions)

  • Events (This report shows a list of events and users, grouped by status category)

  • Forum Flags (List of members flagged for inappropriate content in Forum)

Custom reports can be ordered and purchased using the custom report request form or submitted as a 'feature request' for s future unscheduled release.

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Create and publish member news. Members are notified when news is published and additionally, can submit news to your administrators for review and publishing.

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Smart Groups

Think of smart groups like a built-in Facebook Group for your members. Members can choose to join the smart groups you create. You stay in control of which smart groups are created. Members can join or leave a smart group at any time.

Smart groups can have their own news, events and forum discussions. When creating or editing a smart group, the admin user can choose which features to enable.

Possible features include:

  • Forum

  • Events

  • News

Depending on which options are set, members of the smart group will be able to see relevant content on the Smart Group page.

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Member Forum

Create discussion forums for your Members. You can create topics that enable Members to participate in moderated discussions. Forums are a great way for your Members to ask questions and self-service their needs. Forums are created and controlled by you and any flagged user or message can be easily removed if needed. Forums are one of the best ways to get members actively engaged in your online community.

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Document Manager

Upload documents and share with your members. You can upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files and set viewing permissions to limit who can see or download them. Documents can be organised into Member folders, Smart Group folders or Admin-only folders.

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Send and receive messages from Members, Smart Group Owners, Event Managers and Forum Moderators. Members receive notifications when they login to your Memba CRM portal and can reply without leaving the safety and convenience of the application.

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