Events are one of the most important aspects of any membership organisation. These can be Board/Committee meetings, training events, social outings or team building to name just a few.

Memba CRM Events delivers powerful features that allows an admin to quickly create and publish events for members. Events can be at physical locations or online and you can even promote the event with just a few clicks using one of our built-in email marketing templates.

Creating a new event is simple. You need to add a short headline that grabs attention, write some summary copy, add the events details, such as location, date, start/end time and an attractive image. Once you've done this you can optionally broadcast the event to your audience. The main features are:

  • Event creation is quick & simple

  • Option to broadcast the event to your audience using our pre-designed email templates

  • Email promotion uses the dynamic content of the event, so no need to write separate promotional emails

  • Events can be published/unpublished

  • Members see all published events in their dashboard as well as received notifications and optional email

  • Members can confirm their attendance and manage their booking

  • Confirmed attendees are automatically added to downloadable event reports

  • Integrates with Google Maps to embed map of actual location


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